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100% Australian Grown and Processed

At AusGrape, we offer a wide range of Grape Juice Concentrates, Single Strength Grape Juices (NFC) and other grape derived products, prepared and packed to your specific needs. With access to one of Australia’s largest modern wineries, we use cutting edge technology to process only the highest quality raw materials with reliable traceability and quality control.

Grape Juice Concentrates

Our Grape Juice Concentrate is created from pure Australian grown grape juice. Using the latest centritherm technology, water is gently evaporated to 68° Brix, ultimately producing the perfect natural colour or flavour enhancer for drinks, wine and food.

Varietal Grape Juice Concentrates

Pinot Grigio (available 2024) Specification Process
Sauvignon Blanc Specification Process
Chardonnay Specification Process
Merlot (available 2024) Specification Process
Cabernet Sauvignon Specification Process
Shiraz Specification Process

Premium Grape Juice Concentrates (Protein & Tartrate Stable)

Premium White Specification Process
Premium Chardonnay Specification Process
Premium Muscat Specification Process
Premium Red Specification Process
Premium High Colour Red Specification Process
Premium Shiraz Specification Process

Preservative Free Grape Juice Concentrates (SO2 Free, Protein & Tartrate Stable)

PF Muscat High Aroma Specification Process
PF Chardonnay Specification Process
PF Shiraz (available 2024) Specification Process
PF High Colour Red (available 2024) Specification Process

Deionised Grape Juice Concentrate Sometimes referred to as 'Rectified' Grape Juice Concentrate, this unique product is near clear in appearance, with all non-sugary constituents and much of the acid removed, the result being a natural sweetener without any grape flavour.

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Single Strength Grape Juices (NFC)

Our Single Strength Grape Juice is free from concentrates. Using the latest technology we process the highest quality fresh grapes to a degree of 20-26º Brix, constantly monitoring the process to protect and preserve the delicate varietal qualities of the grape.

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Deionised (Rectified) Wine

With all colour and flavour, and much of the aroma eliminated, deionised wine offers drinks manufacturers a versatile component for alcoholic RTDs and new-to-world drinks innovation.

Deionised (Rectified) Wine

Deionised Wine
Clear in appearance, dry and with alcohol adjusted to 11% ABV, this product offers the perfect base for low-to-mid strength RTDs. Contact Us
Deionised Fortified Wine
Clear in appearance, <10g/L Residual Sugar and with alcohol adjusted to 21.5% ABV, this product offers the perfect base for dry wine-based cocktails. Contact Us