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Located in Australia’s famous Sunraysia region, AusGrape proudly grows, processes and exports only the finest grape derived products to the global food and beverage industry.

Looking for Dealcoholised Varietal Wine, Bulk Wine, Frozen Grape Must, Varietal Grape Spirit & Aromas, Deionised Fortified Wine, or Condensates?

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100% Australian Grown & Processed

Whether you are searching for premium, standard, preservative free or deionised grape derived products, AusGrape’s 35 years of experience and state of the art technology ensures you consistently receive the highest quality Australian raw materials to improve the taste and colour of your products.

Pioneers of Dealcoholised Wine

The only Australian facility with two operational Spinning Cone Columns, AusGrape can remove alcohol from wine to as much as <0.05%ABV. By drawing the wine into super fine layers for efficient vapourisation, this world-leading technology sees the alcohol removed at lower temperatures, thereby protecting delicate fruit flavours and wine characters.

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