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Maximising Flavour while Unlocking Profit: The benefits of Deionised Wine to New-to-World Alcohol Drinks

In the highly competitive, constantly changing world of alcohol drinks, control over flavour, alcohol strength and profit margins are critical to sustainable success. Responding to these challenging times, AusGrape has created a tight range of deionised wine products, offering customers a versatile component for drinks innovation and strategic advantage that ultimately enhances profitability.

  • 11% ABV Deionised Dry Wine
  • 21.5% ABV Deionised Dry Fortified Wine

What is Deionised Wine?

Sometimes referred to as ‘rectified’ wine, deionised wine begins its life as a typical wine before undergoing a process to eliminate all colour and flavour, and much of the aroma. The result is a clear alcoholic liquid, the ideal tool for taste and alcohol adjustment prior to packaging, or base for RTDs and innovative new-to-world drinks aiming to benefit from a more favourable wine tax framework.

Benefits at a Glance

  1. Enhanced Flavour Precision – Devoid of impurities, deionised wine allows food and beverage manufacturers to fine-tune flavour profiles, ensuring consistency with every batch.
  2. Versatility in Formulation – Seamlessly integrating into any alcoholic beverage from RTDs and wine spritzers, to flavoured spirits and liqueurs, deionised wine offers endless possibilities for drinks innovation.
  3. Strategic Tax Advantage – Given the favourable alcohol tax structures in Australia, Thailand, Canada, Vietnam, and the Philippines for wine-based beverages, choosing a deionised wine base instead of grain spirit can result in cost savings and higher profits.

In essence, deionised wine offers today’s alcohol drinks innovators unparalleled flavour precision, consistency, and strategic tax advantages, making this 100% grape based ingredient a valuable component for creating sustainable products in Australia and beyond.

Packaging Specifications:

  • Available in 20L quads, 200L Mausers, 1,000L IBCs as well as custom bulk volumes

Visit the AusGrape website for more information and Contact Us for samples.

+61 (0) 3 5022 5100

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