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Mastering Stability in Winemaking with Protein and Tartrate Stable Grape Juice Concentrate

Winemaking is a delicate balance of science and artistry, where even the slightest deviation can alter the final product’s quality. We know proteins and tartrates are natural components found in grapes and wine and, while harmless, their presence can lead to issues affecting the wine’s appearance, taste, and shelf life. Proteins can cause hazes or turbidity in wine, while tartrates may form unsightly crystals, commonly referred to as wine diamonds, which can precipitate out of the wine and settle at the bottom of bottles.

AusGrape offers the ideal solution with its range of protein and tartrate stable grape juice concentrates, specially processed to remove or minimise these stability issues while retaining the essential flavours and characteristics of the grapes.


  • Premium Neutral White Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Premium Chardonnay Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Premium Muscat C Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Premium Red Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Premium Shiraz Grape Juice Concentrate
  • Premium High Colour Red Grape Juice Concentrate

Benefits of Protein and Tartrate Stable Grape Juice Concentrate:

  1. Improved Clarity – By reducing protein and tartrate levels, grape juice concentrate enhances the clarity and brilliance of the wine, ensuring a visually appealing appearance that captivates consumers.
  2. Enhanced Flavour Integrity – processed using the highest quality grape juice available, ensuring impeccable reliability of flavour.
  3. Shelf Life – Excellent 2 year shelf life from the day of packing and when stored at <2 degrees.
  4. Consistent Quality – enjoy the security of having both protein and tartrate stable concentrate to guarantee stability for end use, with clear specifications including Brix, pH/TA, F/TSO2, K+ and colour absorbances.

Applications in Winemaking:

  1. Blending & balancing – adjusting the balance of alcohol, acid and sweetness.
  2. Primary Fermentation Adjustments – adding concentrate to increase baumes of starting juices/must.

After more than 30 years producing protein and tartrate stable red and white grape juice concentrates, and much of its vintage 2024 portfolio both certified by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia (SWA) and bearing globally recognised B Corp designation, AusGrape offers a versatile and nutritional solution for winemakers committed to high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Packaging Specifications:

  • Available in aseptically filled 10L pails & 195L drums as well as custom bulk volumes

Visit the AusGrape website for more information, flow diagrams and specification sheets, and Contact Us for samples and further information.

+61 (0) 3 5022 5100

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