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Lower Your Wine’s Alcohol and Emphasise its Characters with AusGrape

With Australia’s winemakers responding to consumers shifting towards healthier lifestyle choices, AusGrape has emerged as the industry’s leading dealcoholisation and evaporation partner.
AusGrape became a pioneer in wine dealcoholisation when it partnered with FlavourTech to install its first Spinning Cone Column (SCC) in 2012 and recently installed a second SCC in its Buronga Hill Winery site in early 2022.
“It’s all about preserving those characters the winemaker wants to emphasis”, says Rob Merrick, Site and AusGrape Manager at Buronga Hill Winery. “Our technique draws the wine into super fine layers for efficient vapourisation, meaning we’re removing the alcohol at lower temperatures and creating a full flavoured wine with alcohol as low as 0.05%ABV.”
AusGrape also offers cutting-edge evaporation services that help refine and enhance the flavour in finished wines. Operating a FlavourTech CT12 Evaporator on site, AusGrape gently applies heat to winemakers’ grape juice before carefully packing the concentrated juice aseptically in 10L or 20L pails, 195L drums or 1,000L IBCs.
Further to dealcoholisation and evaporation services, Ausgrape has been a reliable supplier of grape derived products to the Australian winemaking community for more than three decades. Offering a wide range of grape juice concentrate, single strength grape juice and deionised wine and grape products, AusGrape has 2023 stock available and is set to release its new vintage products from March 2024.
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