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Enhancing Australian Winemaking with Grape Juice Condensate (LSJ)

With winemaking regulations changing and climate conditions fluctuating, creating exceptional wines with balance is always a key factor in any winemaker’s decision process. The benefits of Grape Juice Condensate continue to evolve, serving as a valuable tool when necessary for winemakers seeking to achieve the highest standard.

Understanding Grape Juice Condensate:

Grape juice condensate is produced when grape juice is evaporated into concentrate, which separates the concentrated grape juice (Grape Juice Concentrate) from the grape water fraction, condensate (also known as LSJ – Low Sugar Juice). The condensate exhibits no colour, no titratable acidity, no sugar and no flavour.

Applications in Winemaking:

Wine Australia has well-defined rules regarding the addition of water to high baume grape juice and must to help facilitate fermentation down to a minimum of 13.5 baume.

Condensate can play its part by allowing winemakers to retain vintage and varietal composition while enabling a further adjustment to the alcohol, thereby refining and improving balance. Furthermore, as it is considered a transfer rather than an addition, condensate can assist in duty and regulatory requirements.


The application of grape condensate offers a versatile and sustainable grape based ingredient that can achieve numerous enhancements to the final wine for any winemaker. Including a wide range of condensate products, vintaged or non-vintaged and varietal or non-varietal, much of AusGrape’s 2024 vintage products will be certified by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia (SWA) and bearing globally recognised B Corp designation.

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