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Discover the Unique Attributes and Applications for Premium Muscat and High-Colour Red Concentrates

With innovation driving growth in the beverage sector, sourcing premium ingredients has become essential to creating drinks that capture the consumer’s senses. Two such refined components, Premium Muscat Concentrate and Premium High-colour Red Concentrate, are particularly appealing owing to their unique sensory and aesthetic attributes, and versatile applications.

Premium Muscat Concentrate: A Culmination of Aromatic Precision
Characterised by an intense floral bouquet and nuanced fruity notes, Muscat of Alexandria (Gordo) concentrate epitomises aromatic complexity, capable only through the application of a gentle extraction process.

Attributes of Premium Muscat Concentrates:

The extraction method prioritises the preservation of the muscat aromatics, ensuring a comprehensive fragrant profile that includes floral terpenes like linalool and geraniol, coupled with distinctive phenolic compounds such as catechins and flavonoids.

Technical Specifications of Premium Muscat Concentrates:

  • 68 Brix, colour adjusted, 350-500 Total SO2
  • Both protein & tartrate stable
  • Available in aseptically filled 10L pails & 195L drums as well as custom bulk volumes

Premium High-Colour Red Concentrate: Harnessing Colour Opulence and Flavour Intensity
Grape varieties specifically selected for their vibrant pigments, yield an intensely rich coloured concentrate, making it a versatile ingredient suitable for a range of applications in food, beverages, and health contexts.

Attributes of Premium High-Colour Red Concentrates:
Anthocyanin extraction optimises the extraction of pigments responsible for the vivid red hues while the application of thermovinification ensures these compounds are released from grape skins. Beyond amplifying colour, premium high-colour red grape juice concentrate is renowned for being rich in antioxidants, including resveratrol, which has been linked to heart health and anti-aging properties.

Technical Specifications of Premium High-Colour Red Concentrates:

  • 68 Brix, colour adjusted, 100-250 Total SO2
  • Both protein & tartrate stable
  • Available in aseptically filled 10L pails & 195L drums as well as custom bulk volumes

Applications and Forward-Thinking Innovation:

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage technology, Premium Muscat Concentrate and Premium High-colour Red Concentrate emerge as exemplars of technical sophistication. With applications extending beyond traditional winemaking to craft brewing, mixology, non-alcoholic beverage formulation and confectionary, these premium concentrates exemplify technical finesse and innovation. Their intricate extraction processes and precise chemical compositions lay the foundation for a new era in beverage crafting, promising a future where sensory excellence and aesthetic opulence coalesce seamlessly in every application.

See the AusGrape website for more information and to download the specifications, and contact us for samples. Stay tuned for new Preservative Free options coming soon!

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